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Wetnaps, LTD - Company in קיסריה, ישראל - Allbiz
    Wetnaps, LTD - Company in קיסריה, ישראל - Allbiz
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    Wetnaps, LTD - Company in קיסריה, ישראל - Allbiz
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    Wetnaps, LTD, קיסריה
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    Сompany address: קיסריה, ישראל
    2 Shaham St.
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    Since 1994, Wetnaps has offered one stop shop, tailor-made solutions for our family of top-brand clients. Whether your company requires Baby Care solutions, Cosmetics & Skin products, Household & Pet items, DIY or any other solutions – We probably already have what you desire, or we will create them for you. We "never say never". Our expertise in wet wipes and our passion for invention and state-of-the-art research means that whatever your product, we can take care of it: from development to production to folding, packaging and labeling of the finished product, according to your most exacting specifications, and within your time limits, wherever you are around the world. Our team of talented, dedicated industry professionals is here for you. Your brand success is our business.
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